Jenika Grad Session

by AnitaClemens

July 2, 2017

Jenika’s mom had contacted me to book a grad session in June. She said she wanted a photo that she could hang on the wall with her son’s grad pictures. I don’t think she realized that a grad session was more than just a cap and gown photo but a fun experience that the graduate will remember and cherish.

I could tell that Jenika was a bit shy and nervous at first. It usually takes about 20 minutes before people warm up in front of the camera. This girl was gorgeous and I knew she had so much potential for amazing photos. We started at Riverview High School ¬†then headed to Peter’s Field and ended the shoot in North Sydney. Once she got comfortable with being photographed, she was a super model waiting to be discovered.

I can’t say enough how sweet and genuine this young lady was. You could tell that she had a beautiful soul and she had no idea just how beautiful she really was. Those are usually the best kinds of people. Congratulations Jenika and I wish you much happiness in the years to come.

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