Alana & Coady’s Engagement Session

by AnitaClemens

June 20, 2017

New Waterford was the setting for Alana & Coady’s engagement session. We started at their cute little home then travelled to the beach and the Low Point Lighthouse for some sunset shots. I couldn’t have asked for better weather for this shoot.

Alana & Coady had known each other for a long time and had always been friends. The only problem was, they were always with someone else and not each other. Finally, when Alana had heard that Coady was a free man, she made her move and they have been together ever since. Now they have a beautiful , sweet boy named Greyson to add to the mix of the perfect little family.

I can tell their wedding is going to be a special one. The body language between this beautiful couple while shooting them exuded love and happiness. I can’t wait to capture that special day.


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