Taylor & Tyler – 2020

by AnitaClemens

March 22, 2021

It’s been sooo long since I have done a blog post. In fact, I haven’t blogged any of my 2020 weddings. I guess you can call me lazy or distracted. But, whatever the reason, I need to be more on the ball. So hopefully, you will see me posting more.

Looking at these photos gets me into wedding mode. I have 25 scheduled this year but I have a feeling some of them will be postponed due to the damn pandemic. It’s so hard for people on the west coast to come home and it sucks so bad. All people want to do is get married and  it’s a shame they have to put that on hold.

Taylor & Tyler’s wedding was my 1st official big(but small) wedding of 2020. Backyard weddings are amazing and their day was absolutely beautiful. Smaller weddings are more intimate and your favorite people are in attendance. What could be more special then that?

2nd shooter – Candace MacDonald


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