Photo Shoot- What To Wear For Your Photos

by AnitaClemens

March 20, 2017

One of the main questions I get asked for almost all photo shoots is “what do I wear”? It really is important to wear the right clothing. Poorly selected outfits can take away from a great portrait. Your clothing choice needs to be flattering and make you look your best.

So I’ve put together some information to help you pick out your wardrobe for the perfect photo shoot.

  • Colours & Patterns– Choose 1-3 colours for your group that have similar tones and go nicely together. For example, dark green, burgundy and navy  These are all jewel tones that complement each other. Darks go well with darks and lights go well with lights. Also, use patterns sparingly. Not everybody should be wearing plaid but one person in plaid with coordinating colours around him is fine. Oh, and no graphic shirts or sweaters. It distracts from the photo. One other tip I will share is don’t all wear the same colour so you are totally matching. You will all blend in too much with each other.
  • Dress For the Weather– Wear what makes sense for the season. You wouldn’t wear big jackets on the beach. Instead go for a lighter look; dresses, sandals, bare feet, shorts, pants that roll up. Winter shoots could incorporate cool furry hats and scarves that add a pop of colour.
  • Layering – I love layering. It provides pretty, visual interest and allows you to change up the layers. You could wear a pretty little white dress with a powder blue button-up sweater over it. Then the next set of photos, take that sweater off and add a bold piece of jewelry or a nice floppy hat.
  • Nothing Too Trendy– You want your photos to be timeless so don’t wear something that is the new “it” clothing. Ten years from now, nobody will be wearing “it”. Jeans and little black dresses never go out of style.
  • Let Your Personality Show in the Photos– Everybody wants pictures that represent who they really are. You want to capture the relationships and people in the photos just as they are. Feel good in what you’re wearing. Make sure you are comfortable. If your son wears his baseball cap wherever he goes, make sure you bring that hat.
  • Makeup– I would certainly encourage women to wear makeup for their photos but keep it natural unless you are doing a stylized shoot.
  • Outfit Changes– Bring a few outfit changes with you. It’s nice to mix up the feeling in the photos.
Check out my Pinterest page to see more clothing ideas that help you prepare for your photos.

Here Are a Few Clothing Ideas That Show Coordinating Colours

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