Susan & Scott Engagement Session – 2017

by AnitaClemens

May 27, 2017

I love doing engagement sessions because it allows me to get to know the couple before I actually shoot their wedding. I photographed Susan & Scott’s engagement session earlier in May at the Louisbourg Lighthouse when we finally had a sunny day. The trail there is breathtaking with its many jagged cliffs and across the water you can catch a glimpse of the Fortress of Louisbourg.

I learned a lot about them during the hour and a half we spent together. Scott is very quiet and Susan tends to carry the conversation. But both were willing to try anything for a great shot. We climbed many hills and stumbled over massive rocks. A few times I managed to crack a smile out of Scott as he let his guard down. Susan and Scott have known each other for many years now and have decided it’s time to tie the knot. Their wedding will be held at the beautiful Inverary Inn in Baddeck and I’m told some boating will be involved which makes me excited. I can’t wait to capture their special day.

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