Oxley Family

by AnitaClemens

June 12, 2017

I was asked by the Oxley Family if I would be able to take some family photos in Dingwall. They were here in Cape Breton from Ontario and wanted to capture some of the island’s beauty. I was up for a nice drive and I couldn’t wait to shoot in the highlands. The weather was cool but sunny and what a gorgeous drive up north. Unfortunately, I could see as I got farther to my destination that the fog was rolling in and it was getting colder. I was just praying that the rain would stay away.

The Markland Cottages was the meeting destination and I had never been there before. What a pretty spot overlooking the ocean. I found the family’s cabin and instantly fell in love with their baby girl Mary and their adorable golden retriever Sam. Yes I love dogs. We were going to head to Neil’s Harbour and hope the clearer skies in that direction were a good sign. It was still chilly upon arrival and the wind was pretty strong but we were on a mission to get some great family shots.

I’ve never been to the lighthouse in Neil’s Harbour but what a gorgeous location. I’m sure on a sunny day it is magnificent. Even though the skies were grey the photos were still colorful and fun. Once Mary started to turn purple we decided she needed to warm up so we headed to a beach in Ingonish. This is where I was able to capture some great expressions from the baby and Sam was even willing to cooperate.

I hope the Oxley’s enjoyed their first trip to the east coast and made some memories that will last them a lifetime. It’s so wonderful that I get to meet these amazing families from all over. Definitely part of why I love my job.

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