Aaron and Peggy – December 17, 2016 Wedding

by AnitaClemens

January 23, 2017

Peggy chose back in February, 2016, to have a December wedding so that it would be easy for travel for everyone and likely to not run into bad weather. Whooops…there was a huge snow storm on Friday, December 16. Her bridesmaid and Aaron’s best man were stuck 5 hours away as were 20 of their closest friends and family.They all made it though for the big day but it took them 7-8 hours.When Peggy awoke on the 17th she could hardly believe her eyes when she looked out the window. It was the most magical backdrop anyone could imagine for a winter white wedding. Within hours, the snow covered branches were bare, the streets were clear and the magic was gone, but not before they had their winter wonderland photos. Peggy believes it was a dream come true as they were blessed with a moment in time.

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